Temburong Bridge is a planned 30 km (19 mi) bridge in Brunei. It will connect the Mengkubau and Sungai Besar areas of the Brunei-Muara District with the Labu Estate area of Temburong District. The bridge begins at a grade-separated interchange with Jalan Penghubung Mentiri between the Sungai Akar roundabout and the Salambigar intersection. The bridge begins, with a 14.5 km long viaduct across the Brunei Bay, passing across the tip of Pulau Berambang, then in between Pulau Pepatan and Pulau Baru-Baru, up to Tanjung Kulat in Temburong. Finally, an 11.8 km road joins Tanjung Kulat with Jalan Labu, passing through Lubok Maya and the Labu Forest Reserve, and over the Pasu Gadong River and the Labu River. We are involved in independent Checking for the Contract CC2 on the Launching Gantry and all temporary works as well as Lifter.